Sunday, August 12, 2012

How can I play backed up DVDs on my DLNA devices?

Going from physical media to its electronic, non-physical form is a huge process, but I believe it's inevitable and the sooner we start, the better.
We all know - DVDs and CDs and any other physical media fails from time to time. It gets dusty, scratched, breaks and takes up space.

You've spent a lot of money purchasing all those DVDs and certainly you'd be annoyed if all of a sudden they'd stop playing, right?

Well, this is where DVD back ups could save you. I'm not going into details of whether studios think it's legal or not to make backup for your personal use, let's assume it's ok in your area and you've done it :)

Then comes the next question - you've got your great new shiny DLNA device and you point it to your folder with your backed up DVDs only to find a bunch a strange, broken up files that may play, but pause right in the middle of the most interesting scene before they continue playing another file. This would be a scenario with a simple DLNA server, but not with KooRaRoo Media.

KooRaRoo Media will automatically (yes, it does a lot on its own, so you don't have to!) recognize those DVD folders, then read information about your movie and combine the main movie into one file, without pauses, breaks or any glitches in between scenes! You will notice that when browsing through those DVD folders using KooRaRoo, there will be a title with "(main title)" appended to it. Just play this one and it'll automatically combine the whole movie into one for you.

Very handy, isn't it? And of course when you have your DVDs in KooRaRoo's library, you can quickly find them by genre, actors, studios, years and the multitude of other criteria supported by KooRaRoo. It's a lot easier than going through the hundreds of DVD boxes trying to find that special movie you want to watch right now and there is less dusting!

Try KooRaRoo Media for free today and enjoy your media!

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