Saturday, September 21, 2013

Convert your files to be compatible with your DLNA device

KooRaRoo Media DLNA software has on-the-fly transcoding that intelligently converts files that are incompatible with your device when you start to play them, thus allowing you to enjoy your media instead of thinking about file formats, codecs, streams, settings and all other technical stuff.

Some devices do not handle on-the-fly transcoding well due to limitations in their firmware. KooRaRoo always allowed you to pre-transcode such files by selecting them in the main view and using the Transcode dialog.

This has now been improved in v2.0.0 with the new "Prepare Files for Device" dialog. This dialog, available under the Tools menu, will automatically find all incompatible files in your media library that have not been converted yet and you can then select and pre-transcode all or some of them.

You can also set a schedule when such transcoding should be done by using Tools -> Options -> Transcoding settings. This allows you to run manual pre-transcoding during times when your computer is idle (when you sleep, for example), thus not using any CPU when you actually use your computer.

One more feature to make your life easier! See other new features in v2.0 by visiting our online community.

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