Sunday, June 3, 2012

Development notes I

I will try to do something that I haven't really done properly before - keep some notes on what I'm doing and how development of KooRaRoo Media is progressing.

I've spent the last three days tweaking the UI and optimizing general performance. I think the end result is not bad, but let's see what early beta testers have to say about this :)

The server is highly optimized to deliver files to your DLNA (and UPnP) devices as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are no limits on the number of files or devices you can deliver to at the same time, so it will all come down to your computer and network hardware.

I've been doing tests on a wide range of CPUs and it works well even on an Intel Atom netbook.

There are lots of items still on my to-do list before the first release, but it's all coming together nicely.

Stay tuned for more!